A World of Food: Party Food Ideas From Across The Globe

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For most of us, we have our go-to party foods that are a hit every single time. However, there comes a time where we have to branch out and try something new. In our latest blog, we discuss international fan-favorites that you should consider serving at your next event!

Simple Seoul Bibimbap – Our first international food on our list is the awesome Seoul Bibimbap, an authentic Korean dish that is a must-have for any visitor to the nation. Bibimbap literally translates into “mixed rice”, which is the main element of the dish. On top of the rice, it is common to have sliced beef, sauteed veggies, various sauces, and an egg. Try adding a Korean flair to your party with this staple of Korean cuisine! 

Turkish Cheese and Herb Cigars – For our next dish, we travel nearly 5,000 miles to Turkey to sample their Turkish Cheese and Herb Cigars. Also known as Turkish Borek or “sigara böreği” in Turkey, this dish is made with fried phyllo sheets and various fillings. These fillings vary depending on the dish (besides the cheese of course), but they are typically used as appetizers so they are not meant to be meals by themselves. These are fantastic finger foods to have during a party. 

Tandoori Chicken – Our next stop is India, a powerhouse of spirituality, cuisine, education, and much, much more. Our dish of choice from the region will be Tandoori chicken, a common dish with a fantastic blend of flavors. This chicken boasts an earthy aroma from garam marsala, ginger and garlic, smoked on the grill and seasoned with smoked paprika. From marination in Greek yogurt and lemon marinade to the smokey grill, this chicken is a labor of love and harmony from beginning to end. If you want an Indian spin to your party, be sure to bring the Tandoori chicken and rice! 

Mexican tamale wrapped in corn husk served on plate.

Tamales – Okay, being in El Paso, it would be incredible if you hadn’t heard of tamales, but we added them to the list anyway. Tamales have a history dating back over 9,000 years ago in the indigenous cultures that permeated the modern-day Americas. Since then, tamales have touched the entire globe. Be sure to add this time-tested food to your next party!

Goulash soup with pork and mushrooms.

Goulash – Goulash is a hearty dish that has been a staple of survival in what is known as Hungary for many centuries. Goulash may seem like a weird dish to have at a gathering, but its ability to satiate our appetites means more attention spent on the actual festivities! 

Lamb kebabs with flatbread, lemon and tzatziki sauce

Lamb Kabobs with Tzatziki Sauce –  The kebab can be traced back to ancient Asian and African cultures, and survives today as a staple of cuisine worldwide. The particular type of lamb kebab is Greek in nature, but kebabs have become a popular food nearly all over the world. 

two pieces of baklava on wax paper

Baklava – If you’re looking for another dessert to add to your party, baklava may be for you. Baklava is normally attributed to the Turks and the Greeks, with the two groups disagreeing on who made it first. Regardless of who first came up with this delicacy, it is a light and sweet dessert that you should definitely bring to your next event! 

Italian bruschetta with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and herbs on a cutting board

Bruschetta – Bruschetta is a dish that originated in Italy around the 15th century but has its roots in ancient Rome when olive growers would test their oil on bread. Today, bruschetta is a popular appetizer in restaurants all over the world, and it’s a nice low-key appetizer to have at your party. 

Bichak – Bichak is a popular appetizer that has its roots in Afghanistan and has become a staple of Jewish, Afghani, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is normally used as a savory appetizer filled with a type of meat called gosht, but can also be turned into a dessert with jam or pumpkin as the filling. 

sauced buffalo chicken wings on wooden board with celery

Buffalo Wings – Near the end of our list, we have a bit of cuisine that may feel like a bit of a cheat but it’s simply too good to leave off the list. Buffalo wings famously originated in New York when they were created as a simple late-night snack and became an overnight sensation. Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t at least heard of the slightly messy party food. If you want to go for a simple, proven snack for your party, you simply can’t go wrong with some delicious wings! 

Dumplings – Now we travel from New York to the heart of China for our next food, the venerable dumpling. Legends say that the dumpling was created in the Han Dynasty by a man named Zhang Zhongjian, and that creation has stuck around in the region for millennia since. Today, most people are familiar with the iconic shape of dumplings. Try adding pork dumplings to your internationally-themed party! 

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