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About Party Bowl Event Solutions: Your Source for Event Rentals

About Party Bowl Event Solutions: Your Source for Event Rentals

Party Bowl Event Solutions is an El Paso-based event rental company. For decades, we’ve provided the equipment needed for events small and large across Texas and New Mexico. We pride ourselves on providing our event solutions in a timely, professional manner. Our team also offers guidance for customers to ensure that each event is as seamless and complete as it can be. 

Our History

Party Bowl Event Solutions began as a simple tobacco store in the heart of El Paso and grew to become an event rental company along the way. Founded in 1933, Party Bowl Event Solutions has changed and grown along with the city of El Paso. While we have changed our offerings over the years, we still maintain the customer service and attention to detail that made our company prosper.


At Party Bowl Event Solutions, our mission is to provide quality event rentals for events in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. We cherish events as ways to bring people, cultures, and ideas together; for this reason, we strive to provide the tools our clients need for their events. As we grow, we commit to the constant improvement of our catalog and our relationships with clients. 


Our vision at Party Bowl Event Solutions is to simply build new relationships with customers through quality rentals and great customer service. Our aim is to continue to offer the items our community needs to come together and celebrate any and all kinds of events 

How We Stand Apart from the Rest

At Party Bowl Event Solutions, we set ourselves apart with our massive collection of rental equipment to fit any occasion. We also pride ourselves on providing guidance to our clients so their events can be as successful as possible. While we don’t plan events, we do provide support, advice, and assistance to each and every client. 

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