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Group of african american girls with facial masks celebrating birthday outdoor party with decor during coronavirus pandemia.

The Future Of Outdoor Party Planning

By agiwriter | August 27, 2020

The world has changed and gotten reshuffled on how we can safely navigate through life and planning events. With COVID-19 a major health issue, we’ve had to rethink, readjust, and restructure our celebrations. We must prioritize our health and the safety of ourselves and others so that we can find some middle ground of normality.…

Parties & COVID-19: Staying Safe At Your Gathering

By agiwriter | June 26, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe and the country, the fun and excitement of parties and gatherings has slowly decreased. For fear of having the virus spread further, governments have kept gatherings small to keep the spread limited.  As governments begin to allow gatherings again, people are still reluctant to gather with…