Parties & COVID-19: Staying Safe At Your Gathering

As the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe and the country, the fun and excitement of parties and gatherings has slowly decreased. For fear of having the virus spread further, governments have kept gatherings small to keep the spread limited. 

As governments begin to allow gatherings again, people are still reluctant to gather with friends and family. To help with this, we’ve come up with a list of tips that you can use to ensure that your gathering is as safe and fun as can be in these trying times! 

Planning, Planning, Planning 

If you plan on having an actual gathering, the most important aspect of your event will be planning. Unfortunately, it will take vastly more planning than is normally needed to make your event both fun and safe for your guests. 

You’ll want to determine how many guests you’ll have and try to have them come from the same area if possible. The reason that you’ll want to keep your party local is that the likelihood of someone having the virus may be higher if they don’t come from your area. 

If you can help it, keep your party size to less than 15 people. The more people at your event, the higher the risk of spreading the coronavirus. 


Your party will also have to take into account sanitary measures. According to the CDC, gatherings should have accessible and plentiful sanitation supplies, as well as gloves and masks for guests. Masks help to reduce the infection rate of the virus, so it is a must-have for your party. 

For your larger events, you may also need to take special consideration for the bathrooms and restrooms. You’ll need to order an adequate amount of porta-potties and sanitation equipment so your guests don’t have to crowd the same restrooms and

Being A Firm Host

Not to be the party pooper, but as the host, you will likely have to be pretty assertive with your guests about the health protocol for the event. For many, the idea that taking precautions at a gathering is just cumbersome, but it’s still important that precautions are taken. 

As the host, you’ll need to make sure that your guests follow the plan that you set out. If possible, it may be helpful to give your guests an idea of how the party or gathering wil be structured beforehand. This way, they will have an idea of how the event will be structured prior to actually arriving. 

Serving Food

Even serving food will need to be considered and likely altered as well. One tip that may help is to have plates prepared ahead of time by one person. If food is already plated, you can avoid guests crowding near each other trying to fill up their plates. 

If you don’t want to do this, you could delegate one person to provide food and keep people spaced out while they get their food. Again, you will have to be a firm host, but this is a small price to pay to keep your guests healthy. 

Planning Out Your Activities

It should go without saying, but activities that have your guests close together should be avoided. As the host, you’ll want to plan out your activities so that you don’t encourage guests to be too close to each other. Another helpful tip would be to have guests arrive in intervals instead of all at the same time. It may seem like a hassle, but it could help keep your guests from crowding. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your guests entertained while keeping them safe. Karaoke, bingo, and other socially distant activities can keep your guests entertained while keeping them safe as well. 

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