Planning the Perfect Casino Night

A poker player throwing a two King cards during a game

Just because you can’t go to a casino in Texas doesn’t mean you can’t throw a party and create your own! Everyone loves a chance to play games, get dressed up, and try on a new persona for a night.

Since there are so many interpretations of “casino night,” your event planners can help you create the perfect atmosphere. Whether you want to throw a black-tie event or are fine with something less formal, we have the guide you need.

Learn about everything from planning your invites to where to find casino table rentals below.

1. Find Your Venue

When picking a party venue, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is your budget: how much space can you afford? Be sure to read the fine print of the venue contract to make sure you’re just renting the area and aren’t roped into using their other services, like catering.

Second, think about the size of your guest list. A good rule of thumb is to assume that 3/4 of the people you invited will show up — especially with everything going on right now. Technically, your venue should be able to fit everyone you asked, but it’s unlikely your entire guest list will show up.

Third, talk to the venue about what’s included in the rental. Sometimes venues have chairs and tables you can rent, but they charge extravagant fees, thinking you won’t look elsewhere. If they require you to use their rental supplies or their catering company, think again about having your party there: you deserve to have choices when it comes to your merchants.

2. Design Your Invitations

Once you have a venue secured, it’s time to create the invitations you’ll send to your guests. It’s not as simple as listing a time and place, though. You need to think about the dress code, RSVP requirements, plus ones, and the design scheme of the invite.

Casinos around the world, at least the high-class ones, require guests to wear smart clothes: which means no tank tops for either gender, no flip flops, jeans, or t-shirts. Below are the dress codes (and their breakdowns) that we recommend:

  • Smart Casual: what you’d wear to a corporate office, or a business meeting
  • Business attire: suit, dress suit, with dress shoes or heels
  • Semi-formal: also referred to as cocktail attire, dark colors, respectable necklines
  • Formal/Black tie: evening gowns, tuxedos, heels, jewelry

Most people are dying for a reason to dress up after the past two years, so we’d recommend opting for formal or semi-formal. People love a chance to get cleaned up and show off.

RSVP: Should You Require It?

For a party that you’re employing party rentals for? Absolutely. Having an RSVP deadline allows you to be more prepared, give accurate information to the caterers, and make any last-minute adjustments with merchants.

For formal parties, it’s customary to offer guests a plus one, which they need to designate yes or no when they respond.

Casino Invitation Designs

There are all kinds of online software that will help you design your invitations. You can save money by sending digital invites or have things printed and sent to you via a site like Shutterfly. Search “Invitations” in any site’s templates for many themed choices.

3. Decide What Party Rentals You’ll Need

When you’re throwing a casino night party, you’ll need a few different things. Your venue will make a few decisions for you. If your party is outside, you’ll need a tent, a dance floor, as well as generators and lights.

If your party is inside a venue, you’ll still need casino table rentals, chairs to sit on while playing, cocktail tables, bars, dance floors, dishware, table linens, and a red carpet for your guests to enter on. You can browse our extensive rental inventory here.

Wondering what casino game tables to rent? We offer:

  • Poker tables
  • Blackjack tables
  • Craps tables
  • Roulette tables

Of course, if you’re offering casino theme party games, you’ll need to hire skilled professionals who can deal and control the games above. Talk to your party planning team about our contacts who may know someone who can help you.

Casino Night Accessories

While we have all the big stuff, you’ll need all the accessories that go with the tables: cards, chips, dice, and other assorted decorations. Since gambling is illegal in Texas, we recommend using chips to earn prizes instead of having people buy in. Everyone gets a certain number of chips to start, and they have to earn more from there.

If you’re running a charity event, consider letting people bring a donation (like canned food, jackets, or school supplies) to earn more chips to start out with. Every can/pack of pencils could be worth a ten chip, and so on.

Your casino game dealers can help you set up a system that works for you and respects the law. Prizes can be anything from things you got donated from local businesses to days of paid time off (if it’s a work event), to chances to be entered into a raffle.

Your guests are here to have fun, not to actually gamble.

4. Make Sure to Have a Fun Photo Opportunity

Whether you choose to hire an official photo booth company or just have a backdrop with a ring light, people will expect you to have a place for pictures. If no one took pics, what was the point of them getting all dressed up? Talk to your event planning staff if you need ideas.

Having a small polaroid camera at your photo spot is a fun touch if you have the budget!

Casino Table Rentals for the Ultimate Party

We aim to be your one-stop shop for party rentals. We have everything you can think of, from a 60-cup coffee maker to casino table rentals, to linen services and more.

We’d love to help you throw a casino party that 007 would be proud of. To get started planning the event of the year, contact us here.