Popular Wedding Traditions To Consider 

Wedding traditions being carried out, a dinner table with plates and candles

White dresses, flowers, bridesmaids, the essentials for a wedding, right? What if you could do more! Make that wedding and wedding party one to remember for generations. It’s a celebration of love, so make it a celebration! Wedding staples have often become a habit instead of something meaningful. Maybe before you start your wedding planning, take a look at some other great wedding traditions to really make yours unforgettable. Take a look at what different cultures and countries do during their wedding ceremonies and parties. Maybe your wedding will be the one to finally change things up in your family! 

The Basic Traditions 

Looking at what we do at pretty much every wedding is something to be aware of as you look to make changes. Keep what you want to continue and revamp your wedding with new ideas that come your way. Maybe you’ll start new wedding traditions in your family! 

The Engagement Ring

The origin of the wedding ring meant “ownership” over the person. Roman law saw it that way and also as a down payment for the bride to be. Wondering where the diamond aspect came from? Well, De Beers hired an ad agency back in the ’30s to show the comparison between how much a man loved his woman to the diamond’s size. 

Something Old, New, Something Borrowed, Blue

Something old references the bride’s past, while new speaks to the newlyweds’ future. The bride should get a borrowed item from a happily married couple, while blue represents fidelity and love. An oldie, but a goodie.

Not Seeing Each Other Before 

This dates back to arranged marriages when they didn’t want the couple to run off in case they didn’t like what they saw. This ties into why the bride wears a veil. Now, it’s more thought of as bad luck to see each other beforehand. 

The Cake! 

Hey, who doesn’t like cake? Started in medieval times, out of all the wedding traditions we hope this one never disappears!

The Bouquet

This goes back to ancient times when the bouquet was made from garlic, herbs, and spices to fight off evil spirits. Back in the 15th century, it was meant to help hide the bride’s body odor. Now, it’s just something that looks pretty in most cases. Tossing it goes back just as far. Since people used to think it was luck to touch the bride. This would turn into her dress getting ripped apart at times! To distract those grabby hands, the bride would throw the bouquet and book it with her husband. 

Traditions To Think Of 

While there are wedding traditions for every country and every religion out there, we chose some of our favorites for this list to give you fun ideas. 

Skip The Jewelry In India

Instead of hand jewelry, it’s custom to have the bride getting mehndi, paint from henna, put on her. It’s used for medicinal purposes to help calm the bride while dealing with the stress of the wedding. 

Wedding Workout In Germany

While still in their wedding attire, newlyweds in Germany will saw a log in half in front of everyone. It’s known as Baumstamm Sägen, as they’re given a two-person saw. It symbolizes how the couple will work together through tough times in their marriage.

French Cake 

Instead of a typical wedding cake in France, they serve what’s called a Croquembouche. Basically, a croquembouche consists of small pastries stacked up on top of each other.

Signing The Ketubah 

While the ketubah is something related to Jewish weddings, the act of signing a “marriage contract” in promising to love and support each other unconditionally is something for all newlyweds, regardless of what religion you follow. In tradition, two special witnesses sign the document before it’s read aloud after the exchange of rings. 

Create A Time Capsule 

Placing meaningful items into a box and helping each other nail it closed. It’s about creating a unity at the time of creating the capsule and it’s opening on your one-year anniversary. You can place wine from the year you met, poems, or items that mean a lot to you both in this. 

Bring Out The Wine! 

Having a wine ritual typically means blending two lives and families together to become one. Many couples choose to drink from the same cup or pour two types of wine into one glass before sharing. The blending has symbolic meanings of your union.

Party On With Party Bowl 

Your wedding and the events that follow at the time are all about the union you two share. Celebrate it and do what you can to make it meaningful and something to remember. Party Bowl Rental & Event Solutions will help make it look as stunning as you envisioned with our vast selection of items. Give us a call today to start planning the wedding even you have always dreamed about!