Rent Catering Equipment, Bar and Ice Chests, and More for Your Next Event

Rent Catering Equipment, Bar and Ice Chests, and More for Your Next Event

Whether you’ve got a small gathering or massive party, it’s almost always more fun with tasty food and drinks. Party Bowl Rental & Event Solutions offers a wide variety of catering supplies to keep your guests fed and happy, no matter the occasion! We provide catering supplies rental for parties, commercial events, open houses, presentations, and much more.

For all the equipment you need for a hit event, contact Party Bowl Rental & Event Solutions!

Your Source for Concession and Catering Supplies

We offer everything you need to serve food for your event besides the food itself. Our full list of concession equipment includes: 

  • Popcorn Machine 
  • Popcorn Cart 
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Snow Cone Machine
  • Gas Grill 
  • Bar Chest
  • Small Rolling Ice Chest
  • Large Rolling Ice Chests
  • White Ice Chest
  • Steel Tub
  • Rolling Tub Coolers 

Don’t see what you need on this list? Feel free to give us a call to inquire about specialty items! 

A Few of Our High-Quality Concession and Catering Supplies

Bar Chest

If you plan on offering mixed beverages, our team also offers bar chests for rental.


Cotton Candy Machine

Looking for a good time? Why not bring fair-quality cotton candy to your next event! We offer cotton candy machines to bring the carnival to you.

snow cone machine

Snow Cone Machine

There’s no better way to cool off from the El Paso heat than snow cones! Who knew that ice with a little flavoring would be such a reliable treat. We can provide a snow cone machine for cool, tasty treats at your event.

Party Bowl Event Solutions

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn is a fantastic, light snack for almost any occasion. Party Bowl offers popcorn machines for rental, so you only need the popcorn, butter, and the party!

chafing dish

Chafing Dishes

If your event is going to last a while, you’ll want chafing dishes to serve and warm your food. Party Bowl offers several sizes of chafer dishes to fit your needs.

gas grill

Gas Grill

Nothing beats the smell of freshly-grilled food wafting in the breeze, which is why we rent gas grills for our clients. Rent our grills to create all kinds of delicious grilled cuisine for your guests.

Set-Up Process - Rentals, Drop off, Pick Up

Our rental process begins with outlining the needs of your specific event. Once you have determined what items you need, we deliver them to the site of your event and set them up. Once your event has concluded, we simply retrieve our products. 

Rental Rates

Ready to learn more about the rental rates for our concession equipment? Feel free to contact us today to receive a full breakdown!

Bring The Feast To Your Event With Party Bowl!

A near sure-fire way to host a great event is to bring amazing food and beverages. Party Bowl offers the equipment you need to make it happen. Give us a call today to order catering supplies for your party or event!