Linens Store - Pre-Made & Custom Linens

Linens Store - Pre-Made & Custom Linens

Table Linen Rentals in El Paso

Party Bowl Event Solutions offers the best pre-made and custom linens to use in your next event. We have highly-reviewed linens of all colors, styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate any and all events. If you would like to rent tablecloths and linens from an experienced, local team, Party Bowl Rental & Event Solutions would be happy to help!  

We understand that linens play a key role in creating a certain ambiance or mood for your party or event, so we’ve prepared a selection of both pre-made and custom linens to offer. 

Various Sizes and Styles Available

We have linens of all sizes to fit the tables that we have on offer, in addition to custom sizes if needed. If you need specific sizes or styles for your event, give us a call so we can get started on your linen rental.  

Set-Up Process - Rentals, Drop off, Set Up, Pick Up

Like with our other rental products, linens are ordered and sent to your event location. 

Tie the Room Together with a Beautiful Tablecloth

Linen is an underrated aspect of an event but can be crucial to creating the feel you want. No one wants to eat on bare tables; we provide stunning linen and tablecloths to supplement your party. 

Our Custom Linen Process

For our custom linen process, we simply take the colors and patterns that you want and apply it to our linens. We have the ability to make almost any type of linen, so feel free to order the linen you need to perfect your event. 

Rental Rates

Interested in the rates for our custom table linens or other rental products? Give a call or stop by our office to learn more! 

Contact Us Today For Top-Notch Linen!

Have questions about our linens, or want to order them for your own event? Contact Party Bowl Rental & Event Solutions to explore the linen possibilities for your event!

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