The 9 Best Party Theme Ideas for Your Next Special Event  

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Say you have a birthday coming up, an anniversary, graduation. Whatever the celebration may be, without a doubt, the event is special to you and your loved ones. And of course, you find yourself wondering how you make your celebration your best one yet. If this isn’t just another party to you, you have to make it unique! How can you make a party unique? By choosing a theme for your party! Choosing a theme makes a party all the more fun and exciting! It gives your guests a reason to dress up and celebrate with you and your loved ones. We run through some of the most popular party themes to help you plan your best event yet!

1) The Roaring 20s/Art Deco

You can take your guests back to the 1920s with a Great Gatsby-like soiree! The 1920s were all about glitz and glam, jazz music, and dancing. This decade was all about partying and having a good time, so what better theme than blasting back to this time in the past? You can recreate this energy with props and decorations such as flapper headbands and black fedoras. With black and gold art deco everywhere, your party will blow your guests away!

2) Masquerade

There’s something exhilarating about mystery and elegance. You can bring these two together at a masquerade party! A masquerade party is fun for adults and children and you can get creative with this theme! You can do a black and white masquerade party or keep it colorful. Large drapes hanging from the walls, masquerade props in the center of the tables, and personalized partyware… it’ll be the event of a lifetime!

3) Hollywood 

Who doesn’t love Hollywood? You can bring your appreciation for Hollywood and the arts to your very own party. Just imagine it: a red carpet and velvet rope welcoming your guests in, wine and champagne at every table, and fun photo opportunities. You don’t have to go to Southern California to experience fame and glamour, you can bring it to your own party!

4) Disco 70s 

The 1970s is also a very notable time where getting dressed up to go dancing at the disco was in. You can recreate the scene of “boogie wonderland” at your very own event. You can compile all the 70s hits in your playlist for the night with a dance pad and a disco ball hanging from the top. Encourage your guests to put their bell bottoms on and get groovin’!

5) Black-Tie/Best Dressed

Aiming for something elegant? A black-tie event is just for you. Black-tie or best-dressed events are great for work parties, banquets, charity events, or any kind of formal reception! You can bring elegance to your party with gold satin fabric as table and chair dressings and you could even add a dramatic backdrop on the stage or the dancefloor. 

6) Garden-Themed

Elegance can also be found in the lush, romantic scene of a garden. A garden-themed party is a great idea for wedding receptions, homecoming, and prom! These kinds of parties create the perfect settings for couples, emulating a sweet opportunity for a date night out in the city. For this kind of party, you will want to use soft and outdoorsy touches for party props and decorations. 

7) Arabian Nights 

Looking to bring the night sky and stars into your event? An Arabian Nights-themed party can help you achieve exactly that. You can throw in purple, pink, or blue table covers and throw on some lighted decorations as centerpieces for the tables. To create the right ambiance, you can add murals to set the background. You can bring the Arabian paradise to you and your guests!

8) Black and White Ball

A black and white ball is a theme that works best for birthday parties. With this theme, you can have your guests show up in black and white attire, maintaining the neutral tones of the party. Some people admire this time as it creates elegance. Some party-throwers look for elegance more than color, so it all just really depends on your preference!

9) Burlesque 

You can create your own rendition of Moulin Rouge with a burlesque-themed party! You can already picture it; red and gold cloth drapes, feather fans, giant red roses, red cushions, and so much more! You can go wild when you plan a burlesque party, with music playing non-stop and partying into the night!

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