The Best Catering Supplies for Your Next Event

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Are you looking to create a special event that you’re never going to forget? Do you want to commemorate a special occasion (wedding, graduation, etc.) with well-coordinated catering? If so, then you should know the importance is in the catering supplies.

You need to have the right catering supplies in place, such as tables, chairs, and more. That way, everyone has a place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the delicious food that you’ve prepared/ordered.

See below for an in-depth guide on the best catering supplies that you will need to create an awesome setup and ensure everyone has a great time.

1. Tables

First things first, you want to make sure that all of your event guests have a place to comfortably set their plates and cups. Without it, you’re forcing your guests to awkwardly hold any plate or cup that they use, which can affect their enjoyment of the party itself.

For that reason, you need tables. But not just any tables! You should take the time to gather a headcount for your event (if you haven’t done so already), then use that to determine the number and size of tables that you require.

We offer various sizes and shapes of tables to help you maximize the space of your venue. You should consider renting some rectangle and round tables. You might also purchase a few cocktail tables so that guests can set their plates and cups while standing up. This will also encourage socializing.

For family events, we also have kiddie tables and skoolie tables to keep the kiddos together in one spot. That way, adults without kids will feel more comfortable.

No one knows your guests better than you. Take the time to consider what type of event you’re catering for and which types of tables (and how many) are needed to fulfill it.

2. Chairs

You can’t have tables without chairs! If you’re looking to help everyone have a good time and sit comfortably, then chairs are a vastly important catering supply.

First, you need to take a look at our inventory and see what kind of chairs fit the aesthetic that you are going for. After all, you don’t want just typical foldable metal chairs for a high-end event; you need to match the look!

We have several chairs for your consideration. We can offer barstools, kiddie chairs, wedding padded chairs, Chiavari gold or mahogany chairs, and dark grey chairs. We also offer the standard grey, black, and white chairs as well.

If you’re looking to rent for just one catering event, then you’ll need a firm headcount. Our suggestion is to order 10 to 20 chairs more than your confirmed guest list. There are always last-minute additions or guests that you didn’t plan for.

For those of you that are doing a wedding/reception combination, remember that you can use the same chairs for the reception that you did for the wedding. Rented chairs are a must-have for your event. They’re cost-efficient and can match your luxury event perfectly.

3. Concession Equipment

It doesn’t matter what kind of catering that you’ve prepared or ordered for your guests, you can always find a few ways to go above and beyond.

For example, if you’re hosting an outdoor movie screening, you can rent a popcorn machine to make it feel like a legitimate drive-in movie theater. If your event is on a hot summer day, then you can rent a snow-cone machine to cool down your guests, which will help them stay for the duration of the event.

For those of you that are looking to have a big cookout, consider renting a large gas grill. Then, for dessert/fun, everybody can head on over to the cotton candy machine you rented to enjoy a sweet treat.

All of our equipment is easy to use and completely mobile. Take the time to consider what your guests would enjoy, as well as what concessions are appropriate for the occasion.

4. Dinner Plates, Glasses, and Flatware

To have a great catering event, you need your glassware and dinner settings to look the part. We offer everything that you would need in that department.

Do you have a luxurious cocktail event coming up? Make sure to rent champagne flutes, martini glasses, highball glasses, and shot glasses.

Want to make sure the catering fits the glamor of the wedding you’re catering for? We offer square or circle dinner, salad, and dessert plates. Take a look at our glassware and dinner setting options to find the set that ties into your event.

5. Bars

Whether or not you choose to serve alcohol is up to you, but you want to make sure that you have bars to provide beverages for your guests.

Bars offer a clear spot for someone to grab a refreshment. That way, there’s no confusion on where to get a drink or being forced to find the one cooler that’s hidden behind a table.

We have mobile bars that will roll easily to wherever you’d like them. They’re condensed as well, so they can fit in nicely with events that are outside, under tents, or in confined areas.

Invest in the Right Catering Supplies Today!

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to invest in the right catering supplies for your event, be sure to use this information effectively.

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