The Future Of Outdoor Party Planning

Group of african american girls with facial masks celebrating birthday outdoor party with decor during coronavirus pandemia.

The world has changed and gotten reshuffled on how we can safely navigate through life and planning events. With COVID-19 a major health issue, we’ve had to rethink, readjust, and restructure our celebrations. We must prioritize our health and the safety of ourselves and others so that we can find some middle ground of normality. The biggest concern of all is not to get others sick or infected when going outdoors or attending gatherings. So, how do we continue to celebrate our milestones and epic moments? What goes on with birthdays and graduations? We’ve thought about this and found a few ways to enjoy yourself a little, while still staying safe with an outdoor party.

Planning Your Next Outdoor Party 

There are some great things that you can still do to celebrate accomplishments. By now, we all have some sort of small circle that we have adjusted to and felt safe with lately. There are ways to make your future event exciting and memorable still. So, if planning an event and you are thinking about extending that circle just once, there are a few things to consider. 

Host a outdoor party

Yes, we know this may not be the optimal solution depending on the time of year, but there are ways to make outdoor parties work whenever possible. Renting cooling fans, heaters, tents for shade, are all options to keep the party outside safe. In general, during these new ways of celebrating, the party should not go on for too long. Find the perfect time of day and host a short party, this may cut out some of your favorite small talks, but serving some food and acknowledging the accomplishment is what really matters. 

Maintain six feet of distance between everyone

This is probably the most difficult and important task you’ll face as the party planner. We want to keep people separated for safety reasons. When bringing in people who aren’t in your “safety circle” that you’ve created over the past few months, keeping them mixed and bunched up isn’t a good idea. Ideally, you want to spread out tables and keep guests at tables with the people they arrived with. With everyone eating and talking, challenges will arise as well as the risk of contamination. Asymptomatic people are the ones we’re worried about in this situation. 

Wear a mask 

It’s warm, and they can be uncomfortable, we know. Masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, why not make it fashionable while we do it? Having your mask match your outfit will make the outdoor party feel like…well, a party! You can take it over the top and plan a masquerade! Have fun, use them to make the event more interesting and more exciting. Color coordinate masks or give them out to guests. There are so many things to do to keep safe while still having fun. After all, you’re bound to interact in conversation, even if for a moment. Wearing a mask can take off some stress so you can say hi and quickly catch up with family and friends. 

Keep it short and sweet 

We don’t want to run the risk any more than need be, so keep it short and sweet. Not only is this better when it comes to event planning on your end, but it means your guests have a better chance of being safe. Events during this time are risky no matter what, so keep it brief. Have them understand from the start what the event is for and why it will only be a couple of hours long.

Don’t over invite 

Above all, keep it small. Having a small group that is socially distanced and wearing masks is the best way to go. If you host a small outdoor party and some people don’t show up, or can’t make it, then that’s okay! The fewer people there, the smaller the chance of someone getting infected. We live in the day and age of facetime, and just because someone isn’t there, doesn’t mean they don’t care. If anything, it’s them watching out for themselves and for you and your guests. There’s no longer any need to get upset when some people cancel or decline the invite. 

To feed the masses 

One of the hardest things to figure out is – what and how is everyone going to eat? Luckily, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to eating food. However, talking and eating can mean saliva spraying that you’re unaware of at the time. This is where everything else comes into play. Keeping tables separated, group people together with who they came with, and have masks on when not eating. These are all crucial to making serving your guests easy and enjoyable. 

Party On With Party Bowl 

If you’re looking to throw a little outdoor party or get together for your accomplishment or celebration, we can help. During this new time, we’ve considered every measure to make you and your guests have a great time. Call us today and see how we can make your party spectacular.